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For drug cartels, offshore companies are a good fix | Fresno Bee

authorities who might accuse them of abetting terrorists. Compared to accountability standards for banks, rules for accounting and law firms across the developing world are lax, set down in largely toothless international conventions against drug trafficking and money laundering. Lawyers and accountants are what we call the enablers of money laundering, or illicit financial flows. Theyve gotten completely off the hook to this point, said Clark Gascoigne, interim director of the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition, a Washington D.C.-based group of more than 100 civil society groups seeking to curtail the use of offshore havens. To satisfy the Panama bank, Chacon and the Argentine sent to Mossack Fonseca a stamped statement by Guatemalan certified public accountant Ana Beatriz Rosales Aguirre, saying that a Guatemala branch with the same name, Brodway Commerce, held assets worth $12,019,501.52. The document, which is in the law firms records, has no letterhead but provides a seal and a registry number for Rosales Aguirre. But Ana Beatriz Rosales Aguirre is unknown to the state.

People are living longer than before, and the need to generate income for expenses during your retirement years is becoming mandatory. Invest money in market mutual funds by consulting a stock broker about picking funds, visiting a discount broker or going to a timing service that will invest in funds for you. Assess your risk tolerance before investing money. Becoming an owner or shared owner of a small business is another way of reaping long term benefits when the business becomes profitable. These companies have low debt loads and are financially stable. These are all usually things held with a bank, and then a certificate of deposit, you can do a CD, it's another safe way of putting in a term deposit. Real estate has always been considered a good and safe place to invest money. Well, stock selection did not contribute to performance as much as the industry selection did. You may want to start thinking about long term investments if you already take advantage of tax-deductible retirement contributions such as 401 k plan and have saved enough for an emergency fund. One of the most common ways is a savings account, and we probably all are familiar with that.

However, Maintaining Rental Properties Poses The Risk Of Loss If Tenants Fail To Make Rental Payments Or Cause Damage To Your Investment Properties.

And, my point is this, the risk is what kills people when they're investing in risky investments, it's investing where you have low volatility, low fluctuation, and consistent returns over time that help people create their wealth. These investment options are not applicable for standard savings accounts. Invest in mutual funds if you look for higher return on your investments. Federal bonds are tax-free. Cramer & Cliff Mason. 2009 Is it completely safe, dependable return on your investment or is it riskier, potentially higher-yield return?

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