Some Plain Talking On Quick Secrets In Small Business Financing

"Conversica helps ensure that our leads are followed up and get the attention they deserve. Then when the customer is ready to buy, the Conversica solution makes an immediate handoff to our human salespeople. This makes our sales teams -- and our entire sales process -- much more effective. And that means we're selling more software." Conversica's deep market expertise in AI technology and sales and marketing processes, along with keen responsiveness to customer requests, are the basis for the delivery of numerous enhancements to the platform, including: "Generation 3" Enhanced AI - Additional flexibility, functionality and processing power to support the needs of large, global customers with a high message volume, as well as to handle a wider variety of conversational scenarios. Enhanced Third-Party Integration - Conversica technology integrates with more than 45 customer CRM, marketing automation and lead management systems, including solutions from Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, HubSpot and Velocify. New capabilities enable tighter integration with current partners and open the door to an expanded cadre of new ones.

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