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Compared to the prior year, fourth-quarter average deposit growth was driven by First Niagara, as well as continued momentum in our retail banking franchise, which now accounts for nearly half of our total balances. Escrow deposits from our commercial mortgage servicing business also contributed to the growth from the prior year. On a linked-quarter basis, deposit growth reflects one additional month impact from First Niagara, as well as retail deposit momentum and inflows from the commercial clients. Turning to slide 8, taxable equivalent net interest income was $948 million for the fourth-quarter 2016, and net interest margin was 3.12%. These results compare to taxable equivalent net interest income of $610 million and a net interest margin of 2.87% for the fourth-quarter 2015, and $788 million and a net interest margin of 2.85% in the third quarter of 2016. Included in the fourth-quarter figure is $92 million from purchase accounting accretion, $34 million of which is related to the refinement of our third-quarter purchase accounting. Excluding purchase accounting accretion, net interest income increased $246 million from the prior year, and $87 million from the prior quarter, with increases driven primarily by a full-quarter impact of First Niagara acquisition and core business growth. The fourth-quarter net interest margin of 3.12% was 27 basis points higher than the prior quarter. The increase was largely due to the purchase accounting accretion, which contributed 23 basis points, including 11 basis points related to the refinement of the third-quarter results. Lower levels of excess liquidity also benefited our margin compared to the third quarter, as funds were redeployed into our investment portfolio.


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